Man Alone, the debut album of Yan Westerlund's Quetico is out now via all streaming services.  


"One might think of Genesis or James Blake or late Yes or Dean Blunt or Stewart Copeland or Philip Glass. Another point of reference might be the hybridized effects-saturated saxophone of Eddie Harris, particularly on the song Duluth, MN. Or, as Westerlund put it, “like Flying Lotus jamming with the Bad Plus.” You get the idea— virtuosic, but tasteful enough to keep the abacus-calculating complexity subdued— a sensibility that encompasses electro-pop, abstract hip-hop and free jazz. Quetico’s music is sophisticated, with odd-time sections with 5-beat, 7-beat, or 9-beat parts, or passages that seem to have had a beat lopped off, making the whole groove’s momentum turn around before you expect it to, or leaving you feeling slightly at sea as you try to figure out where the downbeat might be." - John Adamian (YES! Weekly)

"Quetico is rooted, by admission of its genre tags, in r&b, hip hop, and jazz but there's moments like the soaring "Jeanne", the emotive expanse of "Father Lenny" or cascading "The Dark Waters" that seem deeply invocative of Westerlund's folk foundations. Man Alone essentially seeks to marry these folk and electronic dalliances with hip hop and jazz inspired rhythms and the result is something not entirely classifiable through genre alone. The fact that Westerlund felt the need to speak through so many different instruments in his compositions is pretty indicative of the complexity of influence, inspiration, and aspiration. Purely an instrumental project, piano serves as Westerlund's primary vehicle for establishing melodic ideas with synths more as means for exploration of timbres."  - Dante Allington (All Around Sound)

"Westerlund has been a Triangle mainstay for nearly a decade, playing in groups such as BowerbirdsMipsoPhil CookCanine Heart SoundsLost in the Trees, and numerous others. As enjoyable as all those bands have been for him, he says, “I just finally realized that I needed to make something on my own to feel satisfied musically in all corners. I hit a point where I wasn’t feeling that this or that song was fitting this group or that group. Or, if they were, they were changing too much, and I wasn’t as excited about them.” 

Westerlund plays practically everything on Man Alone’s nine instrumental tracks, which allowed him to take his music wherever he wanted without compromises. Consequently, questions of solitude are central to his conception of the band, which is named after Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, a place he closely associates with being alone."

- Dan Ruccia (INDYweek)







Matt "Skinner" Peterson (Canine Heart Sounds, Blanko Basnet)

Mark Paulson (Poweshiek, Bowerbirds)

Matt Douglas (Mountain Goats, Hot at Nights)